Cost of Living
Cost of Living

Regardless if you are working or just traveling in Australia, there are a few things you will always need to budget for

The prices given below are only a rough guide as to what you might pay and earn while staying in Australia. They can vary from location to location

General Cost of Living in Australia!

 Item Approx Price AUD$ Approx Price EURO
 Dorm bed in hostel per night 30-50 10.55 – 21.10
 Loaf of bread (700gms) 2 3.17
 Milk (1L) 1.5 2.11
 Pint of beer 7 – 9 4.92 – 6.33
 Mc Donalds Big Mac Meal 9 4.92
 Petrol (1L) 1.55 1.13


Working Holiday Accommodation

If you are staying in or near the city, expect to spend about $160 – $190 on accommodation at a decent hostel. If you are doing farm work, often you will be able to live on the farm for a mere $90 per week.


Apart from accommodation, food is your next necessity. The amount you spend on food will depend on how well you like to eat!

Many travellers can easily survive on less than $40 per week, by buying only simple foods like bread, pasta, processed meats…Others will spend $100 per week on food by settling only for the best! However, as a rule of thumb, expect to spend about $60 per week on food, which will ensure you eat reasonably well. A great way to reduce your spending on food is to buy, prepare and eat food with friends, and share the cost!


So now you have your food and accommodation sorted, what about transport to work each day? Ideally, you would work within walking distance of your workplace so transport will not be an issue. If you worked and lived on a farm this would be the case! If not, you would need to get public transport to work unless you bought a car. The cost of public transport varies depending on the distance you travel. If you do need to travel to work each day then set aside about $15 per week as a rule of thumb.

Daily Costs whilst working

Generally, while you are working your daily costs are much lower than when you are travelling. Accommodation is usually cheaper when you are staying in one place for a certain period of time. Each job has different accommodation and food arrangements and therefore you will have varying daily costs. However, as an indication, travellers could budget on a cost of $10 – $30 a day whilst working.

Daily costs whilst travelling

Some Australian working holiday makers travel as cheaply as $25 a day, however, a budget of around $40 per day would be comfortable.
Of course this depends on how much transport you are taking, how much you are eating out and how much partying you are doing!
Remember to add onto this average daily cost any major traveling costs (i.e. flights and major bus / train trips) and tours or activities that you might do.

Earnings from working per month

As a typical traveller with a typical job (e.g. farm work, bar / waitressing work) you can expect to earn somewhere between AU$600 and AU$800 per week. Bear in mind that you will be taxed on this, usually somewhere between 15 & 25%. This means at the end of the week the average backpacker will end up with AU$500 to AU$600 in their account each week.

The following table should give you an idea of how much you might earn each month after tax. Remember, this is based on 40 hours of work per week at $17 per hour. Sometimes it is possible to work more hours and some jobs pay more than $17 per hour.

 Item Note Approx  AUD$ Approx  EURO
 Income from 1 weeks work  Based on an average pay of $22 per hour, average 38 hours per week  836  581
 Less tax  Estimated, which you may get some or all back when you do your tax return  -110 -76.45
 Superannuation  You will receive this money after you leave  80 55.60
 Less Tax on Superannuation  Tax at 15%  -12  -8.34
 TOTAL 794  551.81