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Australian Mail Services for working holiday makers/backpackers – simple solutions to control your mail while in Australia

When you are travelling in Australia mail is the last thing on your mind, but what happens if you need to provide a permanent address in Australia or want to receive important mail? We are able to provide you with a fixed mailing address for your entire stay in Australia, allowing you to receive, store and redirect your mail securely and easily.

Why should I arrange Go Workabout’s Mail Service?

  • it’s a safe and secure way to receive and store all of your important mail
  • you will be required to have a permanent address for you tax file number and bank account
  • it’s a secure way of receiving parcels from your family and friends

How does it work?

Go Workabout will act as your home away from home. Once you have signed up for our Mail Service simply redirect all of your mail to our office. Just make sure the mail is still addressed to you.
Once we receive your mail your documents will be scanned and sent to your email. If you receive a parcel or an item that can’t be scanned we will email you with a description of the item and store it safely for you to pick up. If you don’t wish to have your documents scanned we will store your items and notify you via email.

How do I set up the Mail Service?

Apply for an Australian mailing address online.

We will either scan and email you your mail or store it for you to pick up – you choose! You won’t be locked into any fixed contracts and can cancel the service at any time.


  • 1) Complete the following form and process payment
  • 2) When you have submit application form and payment you will receive an email of confirmation from us(if you do not receive this email, please contact us).
  • 3) Direct your mail to:<Your Name>C/- Go WorkaboutPO Box 1528 Subiaco WA 6904
  • 4) Upon receipt of your mail, Go Workabout will:
  • 5) Open, scan and email you your mail or Hold your mail and send you a notification email, as per your request.

    1. Go Workabout guarantees that it will use best endeavours to provide your Mail Service.
    2. This service is provided for 1 year from initiation. Initiation is your advised date of arrival in Australia or your date of application for the service, whichever is later. After the 1 year service period expires, Go Workabout will notify you by email. All future mail received will then be returned to the sender
    3. Mail received during the service period will be held for 1 year from the date of expiry of the service period (except for mail that was physically forwarded to you).
    1. Junk mail will not be forwarded or scanned and emailed.
    2. If you wish to receive physical mail that has been opened, scanned and emailed you can:
      1. Collect it from the Go Workabout head office in Subiaco, Western Australia, or
      2. Request that it be repackaged and mailed to a nominated address.*
    3. If we receive packages or parcels on your behalf, we will notify you via email you and you can:
      1. Collect it from the Go Workabout head office in Subiaco, Western Australia or,
      2. Request that it be re-mailed to a nominated address.*
    4. Requests marked * above will incur additional handling and postage fees as follows:
      Within Australia Overseas
      0 – 500g 500g - 1kg 0 - 500g 500g - 1kg
      AU$25 AU$35 AU$35 AU$45
    5. Payment must be made by Visa, Mastercard or PayPal
    1. Go Workabout will use best endeavours to deliver the Mail Service to you. If you feel that we have not provided you with acceptable service, Go Workabout reserves the right to consider on a case by case basis whether a refund is appropriate.
    2. No refunds will be given if you provide us with incorrect or inaccurate information.
    1. Refunds for cancellations will be provided as follows:
      1. Prior to initiating the service – 50%
      2. After initiating the service – no refund
    1. While we will do everything to ensure your mail reaches you, Go Workabout holds no responsibility for any consequences that arise from failure to receive mail or loss of mail.
    1. By submitting the Mail Holding and Forwarding Service Application form and making payment of the relevant fee, you agree to these Terms and Conditions and to Go Workabout handling your mail on your behalf.