Tax File Number Application

Australian Tax File Number Experts – setting you up to work in Australia

Tax file numbers (TFNs) are issued by the Australian Taxation Office and are used to identify you for taxation purposes. Your TFN will be yours for life, even if you leave Australia and then decide to return at a later date.

Why do working holiday makers/backpackers need an Australian Tax File Number?

We want you to spend your hard earned dollars on having an amazing holiday but if you don’t have a Tax File Number the Australian Government will tax your salary at a massive 48.5% instead of the usual tax rate of approximately 5 – 30%.

Keeping your TFN safe

Once you receive your Tax File Number it’s important that you keep it secure by:

  • Not carrying it around in your wallet or storing it in your mobile phone
  • Ensuring you have up to date and reliable anti-virus software on your computer
  • Only providing your TFN to trusted or reliable organisations

How do working holiday makers apply for a TFN?

Don’t let your hard earned dollars go to the tax man. Go Workabout can arrange your Australian Tax File Number and email it to you when it is ready. Simply complete the application form online and we will handle the rest.

That’s less money for the tax man and more money for road trips!


  • 1) Complete the following form and process payment.
  • 2) We will send you a confirmation email notifying you of successful application and payment(if you do not receive this email, please contact us).
  • 3) We will process your application and email you your Tax File Number once it is ready. Please note the application process can take up to 28 days upon your arrival in Australia.
  • 4) We are not able to lodge your application until you arrive in Australia. If you are not yet in Australia please notify us of your arrival date and we will lodge the application on that day.

Yes No

    1. Go Workabout guarantees that it will use best endeavours to arrange your Australian Tax File Number (TFN) as quickly and efficiently as possible on your behalf.
    1. You must ensure that you are eligible for a TFN before you submit an application to GoWorkabout. To be eligible for Go Workabout to arrange your TFN, you must:
      1. Be travelling to and entering Australia on a non-Australian passport,
      2. Have appropriate working rights in Australia (i.e. Working Holiday Visa, Student Visa, Skilled Migration Visa, New Zealand Passport etc)
    1. You acknowledge that you understand Go Workabout cannot complete the processing of your TFN until after your arrival in Australia, whereby your identity will automatically be verified upon entry into Australia.
    2. From your arrival in Australia, or receipt of your application if you are already in Australia, Go Workabout will deliver your TFN to you within 28 days, however, in most cases, your TFN will be delivered within 10 business days.
    1. Due to delays beyond our control, some TFN’s may take greater than 28 days from the advised arrival date in Australia to be issued. If your TFN takes greater than 28 days to be issued, Go Workabout will provide you with a full refund.
    2. No refunds will be given in the following events:
      1. You provide us with incorrect or inaccurate information,
      2. You are not eligible for a TFN and you don’t cancel before your advised arrival date,
      3. Your arrival date into Australia changes and you do not notify us prior to arrival.
    1. Refunds for cancellations will be provided as follows:
      1. Prior to advised arrival date in Australia – 50%
      2. After advised arrival date in Australia – no refund
    1. Go Workabout holds no responsibility under any circumstances for any issues relating to the amount of tax withheld by your employer or tax monies owed to the Australian Tax Office.
    2. Go Workabout will not pay any compensation under any circumstances for TFN’s that are delayed beyond 28 days, except as noted under the Refund Policy section.
    1. By submitting the application form and making payment of the relevant fee, you agree to these Terms and Conditions and to Go Workabout dealing with the Australian Tax Office on your behalf.